Off-grid Or Hybrid Solar power packages



1kw off grid /hybrid solar power packages come with lifepo4 good quality battery and built in 1kw inverter .Suitable for farm house,construction site or house application. 


All in one 3kw off grid /hybrid solar power packages come with lifepo4 / lithium ion battery .Built in inverter .suitable for small SME ,farm or construstion site.


All in one 5kw off grid/Hybrid solar power packages , Come with good quality of lithium ion battery or power wall and long last inverter. Suitable for heavy duty use or high power consumption application use.


4G Or Wifi Solar PTZ Camera


Anytime anywhere just plug in 4G sim card and it works, No more cabling installation needed.


4G Or Wifi Solar Camera


No more complicate cabling or installation needed. Plug In 4G sim card or WiFi and it works.


Solar Powered CCTV


We provide full range of solar powered CCTV , 

Solar energy product

Lifepo4 Lithuim Ion Battery

Full range of lifepo4 lithium Ion battery 32650 5000mah,6000mah or 8000mah

Battery Management System

Branded BMS with all type of specification. 4s ,8s or 16s.come with Bluetooth and APP for monitoring.

High Quality Inverters

3KW , 5KW,10KW hybrid inverters with monitoring APP

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